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Bee venom

Bee venom is used in folk medicine since antiquity for the treatment of rheumatism, gout sciatica, neuralgia and other diseases. Clinical studies on its use in medicine continues. The greatest therapeutic effect is achieved by the introduction of fresh venom into the skin directly sting bees. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry produces a range of products from bee venom. Bee venom bee family

Until recently received bee venom, causing them to sting any material. The smell of poison and attract other bees and they left their stingers in the same material, while they themselves were killed. The material was washed with distilled water, filtered solution of the poison on the spot, and at pharmaceutical plants was carried out other operations. In today's technology for commercial production of bee venom using the "milking machine", a glass plate with deposited metal conductors voltage of 9 V. The electric current bee, running on a plate, identifies the poison. However, she does not lose the sting remains alive.

Unit in 1-2 h. After drying, the poison blade shaving brushes. Collects his specially trained medical staff. To get selected bee venom families with at least 10 lanes and 6-7 frames of bees with brood. Families must be fully secured carbohydrate and protein feeds, as bees reared in the absence of pollen, poison does not work out. The optimum period for which the poison from bee families for 30-40 days before the main honey collection.

Selection of the poison in honey collection reduces the productivity of the family. You can not get poison in early spring, when the families have not yet been replaced over-wintered bees. This is best done in June-July, when the bee venom has the highest activity. Current methods of identifying and assessing the quality of the bee venom is very laborious, time-consuming, require special equipment and chemicals. Such studies can not hold in the apiary, but often enough to beekeepers who are just starting to get the product of bees, it is necessary to immediately determine that they have: poison or nectar. Of course, an experienced beekeeper can install it in color, texture, distinctive pattern on the glass after drying.

In this regard, proposed a very simple way to identify the poison, which is based on the principle of interaction of heparin with the main active principle of bee venom melittin. You must purchase at any pharmacy heparin containing 1 ml of 5000 this substance. From a standard vial, which contains 5 ml of heparin, take 1 ml and dilute it 100 times. Diluted solution of heparin, take 1 ml and pour into the tube. The remaining heparin stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator. The tip of the forceps (approximately 3 mg) was obtained after electrostimulation take stuff and put in a tube with a diluted solution of heparin. If you have a quality bee venom, in vitro dissolution after a white saturated solution with a fairly large flakes slowly settle to the bottom.

If you have a mixture of nectar, pollen and propolis, after filtering the contents of the tube will remain transparent. Based on materials from my-farmer.ru

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